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Github // UICollectionView Layout for vertical Accordion

I recently uploaded a new iOS component to GitHub. AWCollectionViewSlidingDoors is a custom UICollectionView Layout to create a slick vertical sliding effect with a focus view.

In this implementation the focus effect will start at the top of the screen with the first cell and slowly move down to the bottom of the screen when you reach the last cell.



You can find the control on Github.

Archives 2011 // Old HTML5 Experiments

Recently while going through some of my old files, I found some old HTML5 experiments I did a while back. I though I’ll share it here with you. Maybe some of you guys can reuse or update some of the concepts and code snippets:

3D Carousel

Small experiment I did to test the new CSS 3D-Transform and CSS Transitions properties. You can play around with the configurator to change the radius, angle and speed of the carousel.


Download Source Code


Minimal Portfolio Concept


Quick Portfolio concept using custom transitions


Download Source Code

Canvas Menu Concept


A menu concept combining CSS and Canvas Elements


Download Source Code

Archives 2011 // HCI Paper: Intuitive interaction with 2.5D environments and 3D objects in a web-application for mobile devices

During my master’s course on Human Computer Interaction at the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences, we had to come up with a new human computer interaction concept and prototype using new technologies and input devices such as multitouch-tables, mobile devices, kinect sensors, etc.

It was right around the time the HTML5 hype started. Apple had just announced the new iPad 2 with a gyroscope sensor improving the motion sensing accuracy and allowing the iPad to measure in which direction you are moving/rotating it in space. We decided to have a look at how we can make use of this new interaction input to enhance the mobile user experience in an online shop. Continue Reading