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Archives 2011 // HCI Paper: Intuitive interaction with 2.5D environments and 3D objects in a web-application for mobile devices

During my master’s course on Human Computer Interaction at the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences, we had to come up with a new human computer interaction concept and prototype using new technologies and input devices such as multitouch-tables, mobile devices, kinect sensors, etc.

It was right around the time the HTML5 hype started. Apple had just announced the new iPad 2 with a gyroscope sensor improving the motion sensing accuracy and allowing the iPad to measure in which direction you are moving/rotating it in space. We decided to have a look at how we can make use of this new interaction input to enhance the mobile user experience in an online shop.




Using the new Javascript DeviceOrientation API and WebGL we designed a prototype for a digital webshop making use of cubic panorama images to immerse the user in a 2.5D environment where he can use his tablet as a digital window to explore the shop.


The cubic format uses 6 cube faces to fill the whole sphere around us. (http://wiki.panotools.org)


By taping on a specific point of interest the user would open the details view of a product. For the product detail view we decided to use the webGL javascript API to render a 3D representation of the product, enabling the user to directly interact with the item, rotating it from various angles.




For a more detailed description of the process and the results of the research, you can have a look at the final paper below (german).



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